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Disneyland resort pressed coin location guide disney. A pressed coin is created when a coin is squeezed between two rollers, one of which has an engraving on its surface. Customize the book with mickey mouse, minnie mouse or castle. Each machine includes 34 different designs and you get to select which one you want. Pressed pennies and quarters, sometimes referred to as elongated coins by. Now disneyland whose guests are already spoiled by having parks with tons of rides, nighttime parades, and seasonal churros is hands down the worldwide leader in pressed pennies. This eliminates the need to bring your whole collection with you to the park or try to remember which coins you already have. For example, for the disneyland 60th anniversary, the park debuted 60 new pressed penny designs.

No matter the land or location, youre sure to find a nearby coin press machineeach one featuring its own unique disney characters and stories. Pressed pennies and quarters, sometimes referred to as elongated coins by coin collectors or exonumia if youre a fancy numismatic are coins that have been run through a special machine that literally presses them while imprinting them with a new design. Based on our research, after the prototype limited edition disney pressed penny coin book and the onstage first edition disneyland pressed coin books, the prototype second edition penny book was developed. Disney world theme park logo pressed penny quarter coin.

Pressed pennies and quarters at walt disney world allears. An elongated coin or pressed penny is one that has been flattened or stretched, and embossed with a new design. Have you ever wondered if the pressed penny pressed quarter machines around the parks were a good value. Walt disney world pressed pennycoin checklist and location. Everything you need to know about the disneyland resort. I discovered pressed penny machines during my december 2007 trip and made a few for my babymoon travel scrapbook. Thanksd oh any other tips about the pressed pennies would be greatly appreciated. Disney world theme park logo pressed penny quarter coin book album. Approximately, 2500 pounds of pressure is put on the coin as it is flattened. Hear from the walt disney world dapper dans on national barbershop quartet day. Penny passport souvenir penny collecting book for coins fits 36 pressed pennies and 8 pressed quarters or nickels. This trip we thought that we would begin a collection for our son, he is still too young for pin trading so we thought that he would enjoy collecting pressed pennies. For only 51 cents per pressed penny, your child can begin collecting to fill their new book.

I certainly did, so i decided to do a bit of research this week. Towards the end of that video i mention that there are currently over 750 pressed coins in walt disney world today. With their pressed penny book, your children can begin collecting pennies with the various disney icons stamped on them. Earlier this week i made a video about the history of the pressed penny. Twopack of penny passport souvenir collecting book with free pressed pennies. Pressed penny machines can be found all across property at all four theme parks, downtown disney, the resorts and the water parks. New pressed coins debut for the disneyland resort diamond. Their arrival at the original disneyland park, marked the introduction of the first ever disney souvenir stretched penny press machines to the first ever disney pressed penny collectors and a wonderful hobby was born.

Disneyland pressed pennies secrets revealed youtube. Set new fantasyland disney elongated pressed penny. Pressed penny spots can be found inside each of the parks, at all resorts, and at every major attraction, ride, and gift shop. The link above for park pennies is a pretty thorough list. It started when our 7yearold, jonah, realized that his change from another purchase was 51 cents, just the amount he would need to make a pressed penny. The first every pressed penny machine that was introduced to disneyland was introduced in june of 1987, a little over 30 years ago. An elongated coin or pressed penny is one that has been flattened or stretched, and. Today on provost park pass chris presses his very first pressed penny. The first two pressed penny imagesalso called plates or diesdebuted in disneyland parks penny arcade naturally in 1987. Pressed pennies checklist the dis disney discussion. Ive done one page so far only from adult trips, i have no idea where my childhood ones are. New star wars pressed coins debut at the disneyland resort by michelle harker, manager, event programming this summer, complete your destiny, or in this case your collection, with the arrival of six new star wars inspired pressed coin souvenirs. In the process the coins stretch into a longer, thinner, oval shape.

The art of pressing coins into commemorative souvenirs dates back almost 200 years. The original disneyland resort elongated coin collection guides. Because of the coins history, it is a key listing in the dn disneyland neverland prototype pressed penny guide and mentioned in our article about some of the scarcest disneyland pressed pennies. I know that i saw a checklist somewhere that shows all the pressed penny machines in the parks and hotels. If you have a favorite character that you would like to find for your pressed penny collection or if you want to see whats available at each theme park to plan ahead, these checklist and location. Easy, fun and inexpensive, our coin presses will flatten any penny or quarters at select locationsinto a unique design for a nominal fee. It predates any pressed penny ever onstage at any disney park and is the earliest example of a disney pressed penny or elongated coin known to date. We stuck with pennies but they did also have pressed quarter options. I checked the disney store online and it doesnt appear that you can purchase the pressed penny book in advance on their site.

Journey with shaun as he heads to the disneyland resort in search of the new 60th anniversary pennies and quarters. Both are from disneyland and are in excellent condition. That very first onstage pressed penny book featured an exclusive pressed penny in the cover and, well, many advanced collectors just had to have one. Discover penny press machines throughout the disneyland resort in california. Here i make a book where you can store all of your pressed pennies from disney. A while back, i shared some of my favourite free souvenirs from disney world and this week its about the cheapest souvenir at disney pressed pennies this souvenir will only set you back 51 cents almost as good as free what is a pressed penny. Disneyland resort diamond celebration pressed coins as part of the disneyland resort diamond celebration disney has released 60 new designs that are engraved with the 60th d logo. Pressed coins, beyond the theme parks at walt disney world in orlando. Sadly, to date, that first edition penny collector book has been the only onstage disney penny book to feature a real pressed penny elongated coin in its cover.

Pressed coins at disneyland is a simple and elegant way to keep your pressed coin collection organized. New listing 1861 battle of carthage elongated penny pressed smashed collectible copper. Its a fun and easy way to find the locations of pressed penny, dime, quarter machines. It is easy to find coins and see which ones you already have. New pressed coins debut for the disneyland resort diamond celebration by michelle harker, manager, event programming last month, my fellow disney parks blog author and friend, shannon swanson, got a penny for your thoughts as she took you inside the electromechanical shop and behindthescenes of the making of coin presses at the. My only issue is that the price is a little high for what it is.

Does anyone happen to have the mapwebsite of the machines. The history of disney pressed coins, sorta park pennies. This listing is for one 1 disney pressed penny book. It covers every disneyland resort elongated or stamped coin since the park first introduced pressed coins in 1987. Making press coin holder once you have your pressed coins checklist pocket guides printed, it is. This was one of our most requested videos how many pressed penny machines. Collecting disney world pressed pennies chip and co. New star wars pressed coins debut at the disneyland resort. Theres a great big beautiful tomorrow from walt disneys carousel of. The design was simply mickey mouses face in front of a. It was a bargain, especially given that the coin was offered only with the purchase of the book.

I assume that is around what they go for in the parks as well. Hi there are 2 machines for souvenir coins at 2 each just outside the boutique in disneyland hotel, we didnt see the same ones anywhere else in the parks, also there are 2 penny press machines in rainforest cafe, each one can be turned so you choose one of 3 designs, they cost 1 and 1 cent, but i accidentally put in a 1p and it worked just fine, great little inexpensive souvenirs. Disneyland resort paris pressed penny machine history. Throughout the disneyland park, there are 40 pressed penny. How much would every pressed penny at disney world cost. Each location features unique and collectible disneythemed designs. My family also loves to collect the pressed pennies at the walt disney world parks. Mouseplanet a penny for your thoughts and souvenirs by. Making your own walt disney world pressed penny holder. I always loved collecting pressed pennies as a kid, i have a bunch from lots of places, disneyland and others, so i bought a book too with the goal to fill it. The earliest elongated coin designer on record is charles damm, who created the.

Have you ever brought any pressed pennies home from one of your family vacations. Pressed penny book and holders background as advanced collectors will note, disney pressed penny books were first offered at the original disneyland resort in anaheim, california in 2005. Disney world tips and tricks disney tips disney fun disney crafts disney travel disney stuff disney surprise disney secrets disney family. We bought a pressed penny book a few years ago and we have a blast finding the pressed penny machines and collecting all of them. Trying to decide if it is cheaper to buy it before we go. Such coins are often used as commemorative or souvenir tokens, and it is common to find coin elongation machines in tourism hubs, such as museums, amusement parks, and natural or manmade landmarks the collecting of elongated coins is a branch of numismatics. Walt disney world four parks pressed penny book coin holder collection album. Disney pressed coins or disney elongated coins as numismatists call them, were first offered by disney in 1987. Currently, there are penny and quarter pressed coin machines at walt disney world. Save all coins collected for easy reference and organization. The pressed coin collections above make up the complete disneyland resort elongated coin collection, the collection for advanced disney pressed coin collectors.

The first, original disney pressed penny book was placed onstage onstage august 1, 2000 at the original disneyland park. Centerz 150 pockets coin album, penny collecting book, souvenir coins collection holder, ideal for pressed pennies passport, hobby coin collector, money specie display storage case english, green 4. Shaun allen films is not associated with the disneyland resort. At the gift shop in the disneyland hotel, they had a pressed penny book that holds 70 or so coins. Walt disney world pressed pennycoin checklist and pocket guides. Disneyland inside out disneyland forums disneyland. Also, the back of each 60th coin is engraved with the following est. Disneylands first edition souvenir penny collector book. When pennypressing machines came around, pressed pennies started to.

Walt disney world sells pressed penny books to make your collecting. Call us on 0330 880 5072 or click on this image to book. Nearly all the coin press machines in the magic kingdom can be located using the map on the my disney experience app by searching coin press machines. Disneyland 60th anniversary pressed pennies and quarters.

My son filled up one of the pressed penny books on our last couple of trips and hed like to check off what he already has so that he can continue collecting on this trip. There is also the option of purchasing a disney pressed coin collection holder, available at most shops. Purchase the specially designed souvenir books to store and protect your pressed coins. Disney pressed penny book disney world disney land or etsy. Fun facts about collecting pressed pennies at walt disney world. Unfollow disney penny press book to stop getting updates on your ebay feed. I had pennies in both books but put them all into a display. If you need a different year than 2016, please leave that information in the notes to seller section. This book will be perfect for your next trip to either of the disney parks to.

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