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To learn more about the comparative forms and practice more click here. A find these sentences in the article from exercise 1. Review using the and no article with superlatives here. Comparatives and superlatives we are over with units 2 and 3 and you have used adjectives in your descriptions of fashionable people. Complete the sentences with either a comparative or a superlative. Apr 03, 2012 comparative and superlative asas 4 eso 1. Live worksheets english english as a second language esl comparatives and superlatives comparative and superlative comparative and superlative id. You will soon face a test about comparatives and superlatives so, here you can revise theory and have some practice.

Use of when the thing person being compared belongs to the same category as the object of the comparison, otherwise use in. Good vs well exercise exercise 2 multiple choice adjectivesadverbs. This sentence uses a comparative, but it is mixedup. Selection file type icon file name description size revision time user 3cd modals and semimodals practise. I think being a vet is more interesting than being a teacher because you work with animals. Comparatives comparatives are used to show the difference between two objects. Lord of the rings is more interesting than mission impossible. First he says he stayed in his bosss brothers office for 45. Preparation make one copy of the lesson for each student. This man is the fattest fatest fatter this man is the thinest thinnest thinner this basketball player is the most tall taller tallest this man is.

Fill in the blanks using the correct form of the adjectives. Complete the exercises to learn about the grammar in this lesson. Comparatives and superlatives complete the sentences with the comparative or superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. Exercise 3 quiz video on comparatives and superlatives practice 1, practice 2, practice 3, practice 4, practice 5. Isabel quesada i am a secondary teacher of english in southern spain. Comparatives and superlatives national geographic learning. Practice the superlative and comparative grades of the adjectives.

Students can then compare the three pictures and write. Put the words and punctuation in the correct order. Comparatives and superlatives exercises lets revise the comparatives and superlatives. Use the superlative form of the adjectives in brackets. Here you can find comparatives and superlatives interactive and downloadable worksheets. Comparative and superlatives exercise english grammar. Play comparative cards spin the pencil before class print out enough of the card sets at the bottom of this lesson plan so that each group of 34 students has a set of cards. In this exercise, you have to make a sentence by reordering the words and punctuation. Comparison exercises type comparative and superlative forms.

I did worsethe worst out of all the students on my test. Comparatives vs superlatives worksheet 3 grammarbank. Use the comparative form of the following adjectives. Try our free exercises to build knowledge and confidence. He says he left the restaurant where he works at 3. A comparative is used to show the difference between the two. Comparativecomparatives are used to show the difference between two objects.

Complete the chart with the comparatives and superlatives. The police are sure that the criminal is one of these men. David did worsethe worst than he thought he would do on his test. You have to revise for next test so weve prepared several online exercises. Lets practice and prepare the unit of acrosport following the clil methodology. Use for debates, discussions, speaking, conversations, independent learning and more.

My literature book is more difficult than my english book. Find the comparative and superlative adjectives and write them in the boxes. Click on words to add them to the sentence one by one. Comparative and superlative forms made by carmen luisa fill in all the gaps, then press check to check your answers. Comparatives and superlatives aim to practice comparative and superlative adjective forms and structures. Read the following sentences about what jack smith said he did between 3. Complete these sentences with the comparative or superlative of the adjectives or adverbs given. Comparison of adjectives superlative exercise english4u. Exercises unit 5 sport vocabulary 1sport vocabulary 2sport vocabulary 3sport vocabulary 4. You must use all the words and punctuation in your sentence.

If you still find difficulties to state the degrees of quality when using adjectives, practise the comparative and superlative in these exercises. To revise and practice the comparative and superlative forms click here. Have a look at this chart that you studied last year. Put the adjectives in the correct form comparative. I started my teaching career in newcastle back in 2000, where i. Future continuous, exercise 1, exercise 2, exercise 3,future tenses explanation, exercise 1, exercise 2be going tobe going to exercises, 1 present continuous exercises, 1present tenses gapfill exercisepresent perfect or past simple onlinecomparative and superlative adjectives, exercise 2comparative and superlative adjectives 2nd part. Use superlative adjectives to compare more than two things. Afterwards, students create a dialogue using the language from the lesson, which they then present to the class.

These are exercises to rewrite sentences and make questions for the answers given. Grammar worksheet all things grammar grammar focus superlatives level intermediate answer key 1. C o m p a r a t iv e a n d s u p e r l a t iv e a d j e c t iv e sm ig u e l a n g e l r o d r ig u e z l o p e z 2. Out of all the students, frank studied lessthe least, but got the best grade. Hello, i hope you enjoy learning english with the help of this blog. Comparatives and superlatives multiple choice choose the correct answer. Comparatives and superlatives interactive worksheets. Adjective comparative superlative long longer than the longest fast faster than pretty the prettiest beautiful more beautiful than ugly uglier than thin the thinnest fashionable more fashionable than 2. Comparative and superlative adjectives 1 will help students practice this key third grade skill. Complete incomplete not done class absence grammar.

You can do the exercises online or download the worksheet as pdf. Write the comparative and superlative forms of the adjectives below. Unit 3 3 eso comparatives and superlatives of adjectives. This is the cheese burger of the mcdonalds company. My latin class is more boring than my english class. There are 5 activities 1complete with the comparative form 2choose the right option 3rewrite using asas 4complete the sentences. In the uk, the streets are generally narrower than the streets in the usa. Throughout his life he has had different jobs, iliois senator, teacher in a school, etc, until five years ago, in 2007, when he decided to stand for election to hold the office of president. This cardboard keeps all the goanimates of 2nd eso.

Look at the characters and complete using the correct option. Comparative and superlative adverbs in english 2 esl quiz. English esl comparison comparative and superlative worksheets. Barack obama is an american man of 51 years old, currently he is president of the united states. Intermediate fill in the blank with the either the comparative form or superlative form of each adverb, as. First, lets watch two videos explaining the rules just to check you remember and after that, you can practise by doing the exercises.

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