Ram for macbook pro 2011 i5

The best sources of mac compatible ram are owc and crucial. Hey i added 16 gigs to my early 2011 macbook pro and did it everincreasing performance. Macbook pro 2011 core i5 2415m 8 gb ram 256 hd ssd 3r technology online store macbook pro 2011 core i5 2415m 8 gb ram 256 hd ssd 2012 apple macbook pro a1278 emc2554 core i5 3210m 2. Dont pay the hefty factory upgrade prices from apple complete the upgrade yourself. Within this video we look at how the early 2011 macbook pro holds up to the standards of today 2018 through looking at the offerings of the computers hardware to. The macbook pro and macbook air models are easy to differentiate when sidebyside, but as multiple macbook air and macbook pro lines use the same cases, precisely identifying the mid 2011 macbook air and late 2011 inch macbook pro models can be more of a challenge.

The actual maximum ram of each macbook pro is listed below along with its compatible ram type, default amount of ram preinstalled, common identifiers suitable to identify a macbook pro in order to determine its ram. In february 2011, apple refreshed the macbook pro line by changing to the intel hd graphics 3000, increasing vram to 384 mb, and upgrading to core i5 and core i7 processors with pc310600 ram. You can install and use 16gb of ram in that machine. If you have any questions about the macbook pro please leave your question in the comment box and ill answer as soon as possible.

The ram upgrade procedure for the mid2009, mid2010, early 2011, late. For best performance, fill both memory slots, installing an equal memory module in each slot. Macbook pro inch early 2011 for sale in stock ebay. Refurbished macbook pro late 2011 core i5 ram 4gb 500 gb hdd lowpriced apple macbook pro like new up to 51% cheaper. The kit installs on the most recent core i5 and core i7 series of macbook pros from 2011. I previously installed an ssd inside my macbook pro as. Buy products related to ram for macbook pro early 2011 products and see what. The mini displayport was also replaced but still backwards compatible with the new thunderbolt standard allowing 10 gbps transfer speeds in both directions. Refurbished macbook pro early 2011 core i5 ram 4gb.

Apple macbook pro a1278 in good working and cosmetic condition. Quietly unveiled without a press release, the macbook pro core i5 2. Mac specs by capability actual maximum ram macbook pro models. For detailed information about the amount of memory installed in your computer, open system profiler by choosing apple and then about this mac. Learn how to remove or install memory in your macbook pro notebook computer. There are several discussions in apples forum on this subject. Ive read conflicting reports on the early 2011 macbook pro i5 though. How to upgrade macbook pro ram 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012. Macbook pro unibody early 2011 crucial memory guides. Actual maximum ram of all macbook pro models macs by. I know macs can be picky about how much their max memory capacity is, so what is the maximum ram i can install in my two available memory slots. Its not quite as easy as it is for earlier preunibody macbook pro systems, as these later models require a screwdriver, but it. To identify your macbook pro model, use the information in how to identify macbook pro models.

Refurbished macbook pro late 2011 core i5 ram 4gb. This video was shot during a recent macbook pro upgrade. Get the best deal for 2011 apple macbook pro laptops from the largest online selection at. Want to upgrade the memory on your new 2011 macbook pro for a great price. Hightech macbook pro at the best prices, and including.

The unibody aluminum chassis of this apple macbook pro provides a sturdy build quality and premium aesthetic. Retina screen intel iris graphics 6100 is this the same as the macbook or betterworse. Hey, i have an early 2011 macbook pro with an i5 processor. Silicon power 16gb 2 x 8gb ddr3l ram 1600mhz pc3 12800 sodimm memory compatible with earlymidlate 2011, midlate 2012, earlylate 20, late 2014, mid 2015 macbook pro, imac, mac mini 4. Owcs stepbystep video of how to install memory in the apple macbook pro inch early 2011 unibody with model id. Q all 011 models can run 16gb ram it is not supported buy apple, but, it works. According to the apple support, my specific model can officialy take 8gb, 4 on each slot.

Systems that can address more memory i3i5i7 and the most current osx can leverage it. Once youre sure which model you have, find it in the list below to go to the instructions for that model. Ive made many reports suggesting the 15 early 2011 can use 1600 and the late 2011. John, the website manager of, shows us how its done. Refurbished macbook pro early 2011 core i5 ram 4gb 320 gb hdd lowpriced apple macbook pro like new up to 75% cheaper. Please use the add comment link to the appropriate answer or start your o. What is the maximum amount of ram a 2011 macbook pro can. If your macbook pro is still running with only the stock ram, upgrading will provide a dramatic performance boost. Money back guarantee minimum 1year warranty 2 day shipping secure payments back market is rated 4. It provides speedy, reliable performance with 8gb of ram and an intel core i5 processor, and its 5400 rpm hard drive stores 320gb of programs and documents. Differences between 2011 macbook pro and macbook air. The total memory includes the amount of memory that originally came with the computer plus the new memory you added, or if all the memory has been replaced, the new total for that memory. My friend said that apple support maximum ram on macbook pro is 8gb, but. This ram works in the 2011 macbook pro and 2011 mac mini series with core i5 and core i7 cpus, but the easiest way to doublecheck compatibility is to go to about this mac and look next to memory for a mhz speed, you are looking for 33mhz.

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