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Line 6 were amongst the first to create realisticsounding modelled guitar amps. Here are a fewpointers before you install the software. Downloading and installing line 6 monkey for pod hd youtube. Basic operations are covered here in this user manual, so lets get started. The shuriken variax sr250 guitar is the result of collaboration between shuriken guitars, line 6, and yamaha guitar development.

This guide covers pod hd300 edit software version 2. Start up the monkey and it will tell you exactly what line 6 software is installed in your computer and what firmware is installed in your line 6 hardware product. The line 6 pod hd300 amp modeler and multi effect represents a giant leap forward for amp modeling. Power supply circuit board assembly for line 6 stagesource l3t powered speaker. Following in the footsteps of the previous modelers in the.

Sets the normal behavior, where each click of the mode footswitch incrementally selects one of the three modes. Naturally, users will want to compare the results with those of software amp modellers too, including line 6s own podfarm. For guitarists and bassists who want professionalgrade hx modeling technology in an ultracompact pedal, the hx stomp guitar processor offers more than 300 helix amps, cabs, and effects in a stompboxsized design that fits easily in the pocket of a gig bag. Lifecam hd3000 device downloads microsoft accessories. Setup details footswitch mode weve offered two types of behaviors for how the mode footswitch accesses the preset, pedal and looper footswitch modes. Lightning cable for line 6 sonic port ios guitar interface system. An editing tool used with hardware to record guitar. Media line 6 line 6 pod hd300 drivers download update your computers drivers using drivermax, the free driver update tool. The pod hd500x is the ultimate tone palette, whether you want to recreate classics or go somewhere new with the ability to recall up to 512 totally different rigswith changes to preamp type, power amp configuration, guitar type, polyphonic alttuning, effects chain and more. Line 6 jtv69s variax black modeling electric guitar with alder body, maple neck, maple fingerboard, 3 singlecoil pickups, and switchable models and tunings black the line 6 jtv69 james tyler variax with variax hd software gives you the amazing ability to create any guitar tone you need for studio or.

If youre into metal tones, this is the model pack youve been waiting for. Helix native critically acclaimed guitar and effects processor in a plugin format. Realistic amp modeling is the name of the game with the line 6 pod hd400. Use it as a super stompbox, a backup or travel rig, an addon tone expander when combined. Like the hardware members of the helix family of guitar processorshelix floor, helix rack, and helix ltthe helix native plugin features accurate recreations of vintage and modern amplifiers.

The unit also includes a new protocol called l6 link, which allows compatible products to share information. There are over 300 amps, cabs, and effectsincluding a looper. The line 6 software downloads page or, if you already have the line 6 monkey application installed on your computer, you can use it to grab pod hd500 edit, as well as any available product updates please see updating with line 6 monkey on page 41. Page 62 record send audio to computer usb audio routing provided by the line 6 usb audio driver the pod hd record send as shown above, the record send is the virtual pipeline that carries your pod hd processed, digital signal across the usb connection, making it available to your audio software as an input signal for recording. Easy to use and program, especiallyif you program via line 6 hd edit software. Hx stomp contains all the same hx models found in helix family products, as well as the legacy effects library from line 6 mseries pedals, and stompbox modelers such as the dl4. Getting a good sound out of this unit is pretty hard work imo, the factory presets arent the best. Line 6 monkey is an intelligent updater for your line 6 hardware or software product and is available as a free. A locally cached version of user manual is available at. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models, six new effects models, output and gain reduction meters, signal presentclip meters, and more. Ive got an issue with the headphone output of my line 6 pod xt. When i have the headphone plug all the way in, i only hear sound out of the right side of my headphones, but when i pull the plug out slightly about 14 i can hear from both sides. All right my boodies line 6 pod hd demo if you would like to bye this.

Whether you prefer to play through a traditional ampandpedal setup, or go direct onstage or in the studio, hx stomp is at once a. And while you are online, be sure and download the free pod hd300 edit software application from our downloads page. Guia avancado line 6 do podhd300 e podhd400 portugues. You can go as big or as small as you want, with rackmounted units like the line 6 pod hd pro x on one end and the small, jam sessionready pocket pod multi effects processor on the other. This guide covers pod hd300 edit software version 1. Line 6s own variax series electric guitars are excellent choices, and theyve got a slew of effects units backing them up. Expand your pod hd amp collection with the line 6 metal amps model packa heavyhitting collection that brings together some of the most crushing highgain amps weve ever created. Pod hd300 edit is a simple, but powerful, preset editorlibrarian application. I like the simplicity of podfarm, and its perfectly adequate for most purposes, but the hd500 feels far more responsive, and has a real sense of presence that should please those who play with more dynamic control. The 400 falls right in the middle, the goldilockszone for multieffects pedals. Find related downloads to line 6 software freeware and softwares, download line, awshow auto shutdown software, bluetooth phone transfer software. This copy of user manual was originally available from.

Pod hd500 is a usb port which enables connection to a computer, both for recording and playback purposes, as well as for managing the pod by using the pod hd edit software, which is downloadable. Variax is the uniquely flexibile guitar from line 6. Be sure to visit software to download line 6 pod hd300 edit or pod hd400. Note that it may be necessary to update your pod hd300 devices firmware andor device. The only drawback i notice is a slight hesitation when changing patches, could be a problem in a live situation. Line 6 is a music instruments manufacturing company that specializes in guitar amp and effects modeling, and makes guitars, amps, effects pedals, multi effects processors, guitar wireless, vocal wireless, music software, recording interfaces, digital mixers, and personal amplification speakers. The hd series of pods comes in three versions, the hd300, hd400 and hd500. Just plug in your line 6 product via usb to a computer with a live internet connection. Line 6 monkeyo line 6 monkey e o software atualizador inteligente. Line 6 pod hd300 guitar multieffects processor guitar center.

Smart fx make it a snap to quickly dial in your tone, and the free, easy to use editorlibrarian software supports your deepest, darkest tonal explorations. Line 6 rj45 to usb io for variax workbench sweetwater. Line 6 pod hd400 shipping included follow this product to see new listings in your feed. Reviews of line 6 software programs, including pod hd edit. Premium guitar tone plugin features vintage and modern amps, cabs, classic stompboxes, colorful preamps, and more. This tutorial demonstrates how to download and install line 6 monkey, line 6s intelligent updater software and utility tool. For software and drivers select your product from the list below.

If you dont have line 6 monkey installed be sure to download that to keep your pod hd300 updated with the latest firmware. Amplifi, from line 6, is a highperformance guitar amp and bluetooth streaming, 5speaker stereo system, with an ios app and cloud connection that automatically serves up guitar tones that match tracks in your music library. Please also see your pod hd pilots guide for more about the mode footswitch. This free firmware update for helix and hx hardware processors introduces a new amp model, two new cab models. View online or download line 6 pod hd300 advanced manual, pilots handbook manual, handbook. Our vetta ii amplifier includes a digital connection for the variax that lets you store settings for both your amp and your guitar in the vetta ii so that when you call up a vetta channel memory your amp and guitar can change sounds together. This page contains information about the user manual for the spider iii hd150 from line 6. Get the pod hd300 edit applicationthe latest pod hd300 edit application installer is always available. Line 6 edit is a free software application from line 6 that provides complete editorlibrarian features for the following products. Welcome to pod hd300 front panel controls 10 6 8 9 11 fx1 fx2 fx3 reverb.

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