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Introducing the ftm100dr vhfuhf dual band transceiver, an exciting new way to enter into yaesus revolutionary world of system fusion c4fm digital communications. Admsm400 software program memories and other setting of the yaesu ftm400, ftm400dr, ftm400xdr radio. Yaesu ft1dr ft 1 dr ft1dr programming interface schematics for yaesu. The yaesu ftone is the culmination of years of research and development by yaesu.

Im not sure if anyone else has ever noticed but when the radio is put into firmware write mode, you get a direct connection to the programming interface of. Aprs functions also work well enough, but my kenwood thd72 is a lot easier to use for aprs. The initial focus of the project will be to provide a simple command line interface, followed by a graphical interface. Ftm400xdr 6 ftm3200d and ftm3207d 6 ch e c k i n g v e r s i o n s f t 9 9 1 7 dr1 x re p e a te r f i r mw a r e v e r s i o n c h e c k a n d up d a te 8 controller firmware 8 hri 2 0 0 9. I recently have been investigating the possibility of writing custom firmware for the yaesu ft1dr. Rt systems programming software makes it easy to set up memory channel details, fusion functions, aprs, dtmf memories and other menu item settings of the radio.

Yaesu system fusion official public group facebook. The ft70dr provides up to 5w of reliable rf power, and its large front speaker delivers 700mw of loud audio output. This program works with versions of the ftm400 radio worldwide. Here is part 1 of 2 videos on the yaesu system fusion. Yaesu ft2dr 144148 430450 mhz dual band 5 watt c4fmfdma digital touch screen hand held transceiver. The update firmware is not compatible between ft1drde and ft1xdrde. Spreadsheet layout with many point and click options. Yaesu atas120 antenna operators manual atas120 operators manual. Currently there are two different destination versions of the ft1d. Ft1drde main firmware update instruction manual yaesu.

Yaesu ft2dr transceivers ht dual band 2m70cm, ft2dr. Ftm3200 programming software radio option setting screens common use this screen to customize other set menu features of the radio. Here, youll find links for yaesu handheld transceiver digital and analog, in addition, specific models mentioned in the handheld radio forums like yaesu,and more are here for future reference. We plan to publish programming software compatible with the updated dgid function firmware on the web site around 9292017. Yaesu ft1dr ft 1 dr ft1dr operating manual pdf service manual for yaesu ft1dr ft 1 dr ft1dr. Will the yaesu ft70dr make c4fm more accessible to. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. Fusion radio tips and tricks this document contains a number helpful hints and tricks for use with your yaesu fusion radios. Attached images maybe a user manualsent from my ipad using. This is the rt systems programming software only for the yaesu ft2dr. It is part of the next generation of digital for use with yaesu system fusion ii.

This application is a software tool for updating the firmware of transceivers manufactured by yaesu musen co. The digital mode provides data transfer at a speed of 9. We have 5 yaesu ft1de manuals available for free pdf download. I put in 5 frequencies into the software, and i power on my radio into clone mode, and press dx so my radio screen says wait, then i try to send the data from my computer to. Yaesu ftm400d manual readdownload yaesu ftm100dr 2m70cm c4fm mobile 50 watts vhfuhf. Ft1dr c4fm 144430 mhz dual band digital handheld transceiver. The new ft70dr is a compact and very attractively priced yaesu system fusion transceiver providing both conventional analog fm operation and the advanced c4fm digital mode.

Read the current configuration from the radio for editing or start from scratch in a new file. Whenever either an ft1xd or xdr gets posted for sale here they get snapped up rather quickly. Note that i have the same problem with the vx8grs that i bought to use as aprs trackers. Yaesu ft1dr operating manual pdf download manualslib. Programming software for yaesu ft1dr ft 1 dr ft1dr. Admsft2d software program memories and other settings of the yaesu ft2d radio. Buy yaesu orignal ft1xdr 144430 dual band digitalanalog handheld tranceiver, 5 watts. New listing yaesu ft 857d radio transceiver with md100 microphone. This allmode solidstate hf transceiver employs incredible engineering to provide total operating control and unsurpassed performance.

Admsft1d programming software for the yaesu ft1d the admsft1d programmer is designed to give you the ease and convenience of programming the memories and set menu options of your radio from your pc. Ive used chirp for my baofeng uv5ra radio and the rtsystems software for my yaesu ft7800. You will need a cable or micro sd card to program your radio. Over al, this radio has the possibillity to be a very fine radio but therefoer yaesu have to fix a lot of problems. Yaesu has just announced its latest ht, the ft70dr. They are now packing an oversized backlit touch panel display. Its hard to field program the radio but the software is free. Ft1d radio programming software yaesu radio software. Discussion in amateur radio news started by wj6f, apr 24. It is the same radio with an improved gps receiver and includes the sbr14li battery instead of. Welcome to the yaesu handheld transceiver digital and analog page.

Handheld cb radios free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Yaesu has introduced the dr1 digital repeater and ftm400dr mobile transceiver products to work with the ft1dr to provide efficient and large data handling capablities not currently available on the amateur radio bands. Programming frequencies in the yaesu ft2drde net magellan. Usb68 cable usb to mini usb connection for yaesu ft1d and ft2d. Yaesu ft1de manuals manuals and user guides for yaesu ft1de. This is not the yaesu adms programmer for this radio.

The most attractive benefit of digital communication is its ability to transfer large amounts of data. Replacing your dr1x with a dr2x allows for growth in. I find the ft1dr user interface to be as obtuse as all heck. If you are already familiar with yaesu radios and their menu structure. This is an rt systems programmer with all the editing ease and file interaction that you have come to love. I have only tested it on the ft70, would be great to see it tested on other yaesu radios.

Map software, and methods of use are not supported by yaesu. You must check which version radio you have and use the correct update software. Waterproofing design 20 conforming to ipx5, which protects the ft1dr from. While the dr, xdr and other designations may vary in your country, the programmer will address the characteristics of the radio properly. I havent tried the included usb programming cable nor yaesus free software. A memory management program for the yaesu ft1dre handheld. Fwiw, i have the ft1dr yaesu walkie and a vertex standard vxd720 dmr radio and like dmr better.

Rtsystems admsft1du software programming, admsft1du. I think it follows in the footsteps of the venerable ft60r a basic dual bander, whilst also following the design philosophy of the ft2dr, in terms of the bodycase, ux and ui. The aim of ft100 rig control is to provide gpl software to control a yaesu ft100 amateur transceiver. Memory management radio programming software for yaesu transceivers and receivers. The ft1dr hosts a ton of features, and too many to go through every single one. Yaesu has introduced the dr1 digital repeater and ftm400dr mobile transceiver products to work with the ft1dr to provide efficient and large data. The gps logger records the location and track information of your moving station, which may be shown later by using map software on your personal computer, by using the sd card, it is also possible to clone the radio data to the other compatible radios. Home repeaters download faq order links g2hcg articles ftbasicmmo ftbvr5k ftbvx3 ftbvx8 ftb1d ftb2d ftb60 ftb100d ftb177277. I took the precaution to read discussions of this procedure and most people seemed to agree that the free program adms8 on yaesus website is. Ft70d radio programming software yaesu radio software. Yaesu handheld transceiver digital and analog radioworld uk. Rt systems admsft2d programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the yaesu ft2dr. Yaesu introduced circuit modifications in later production series to improve on this issue, but it was not a 100% fix to the problem as the major concepts remained unchanged.

Order the admsft1d software only to use with one of yaesus cables for this radio or a class 4 micro sd card. I am trying to program it with yaesus adms6 software, but am having issues. Yaesus variable if bandwidth system uses two crystal filters to provide continuously variable bandwidth from 300 to 2400 hz. Enter call sign, insert microsd, format microsd, adjust volime, setting bands, enter frequrncy, adjust tx power, input frequency in memory, name memory, tip. Ftm400 radio programming software yaesu radio software. Yaesu dr2xthe yaesu dr2x is a dual mode repeater operating in yaesu dr2xthe yaesu dr2x is a dual mode repeater operating in digital c4fm or analog fm that covers the vhf and uhf amateur radio bands. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. The ftm100drs single receiver design provides 50 solid watts of rf power on both the 144 and 430 mhz amateur radio bands, while still being host to a feature packed suite of both c4fm digital and fm analog communications. Rt systems admsft1d programming software makes it easy to manage memory channel information and other menu settings of the yaesu ft1d. A detailed video tutorial showing how to set up a yaesu ft70d c4fmfusion radio to work on a jumbospot or other pistar based mmdvm hotspot.

When updating this firmware, please note that the group functions cannot be used with the c4fm. Yaesu ft70dr c4fm fusion dual band 5w ht transceiver. Ft1d radio programming software the rt systems programmer, admsft1d, allows you to program memory channels and menu settings of the radio. Page 1 5 1 1b 2 0 4 4 5 x 2 0 c4fm fdma 144430 mhz dual band digital transceiver ft1d r perating anual yaesu musen co. Windows version requires microsoft windows 7, windows 88. It is the same radio with an improved gps receiver and includes the sbr14li battery instead of the fnb102li and sad18b ac adapter instead of sad11b.

Its the most basic and inexpensive c4fm capable radio to date. Yaesu ft2dr 144430 mhz dualband c4fm digital hts are leading edge transceivers designed with ease of use in mind. The rt systems radio programming system includes the rt systems adms70d programming software for the yaesu ft70d radio. The later yaesu ft1xdr shown above replaced the ft1dr. Check boxes toggle features on or off, drop down menus list all selections and blank boxes for personalized entry add to the. Ft2d radio programming software yaesu radio software. If you update this firmware, current programming software adms6 version 1. Yaesu ft2dr 144430 mhz dualband c4fm digital hts ft2dr. Tennozu parkside building 258 higashishinagawa, shinagawaku, tokyo 1400002 japan yaesu usa 6125 phyllis drive. Programming software the ft2d cannot read a commaseparatedvariable csv file directly, so you need programming software to output the information to backup. Yaesu released the x version of the ht and the mobile and the gps was pretty much the difference.

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