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Shifu shihengchan, direttore tecnico didattico di shaolin temple italy centro culturale shaolin oversea di milano, conclude il seminario shaolin tong zi gong. High achievements in flexibility, stability and endurance training. Internal qigong is mainly used for meditation, selfcultivation, for the prevention of many chronic diseases, the effect is particularly significant, such as heart disease, neurasthenic, hysteria. Memorable quotes and exchanges from movies, tv series and more. This art form is part of the curriculum of shaolin kung fu. Get 1 tang qi gong zi pdf file for free from our online library pdf file. Energy in motion is also a book that is likely to introduce many to. The tong zi gong is the essence of the best exercises of indian yoga, kungfu and. Shaolin chi mantis is a school for creating kung fu heroes in the ancient traditions of the original zen buddhist monks of the shaolin temple. The shaolin way xv shaolin began about a thousand years after the original buddha lived, when bodhidharma known as ta mo in chinese and daruma in japanesebodhi means enlightened mind, dharma is sanskrit for law or teaching, a buddhist monk and prince from india, came to. In translation tong zi gong means virgin child skills and it is recommended to be trained since childhood. This is not surprising because lifting the sky is one of the best of all chi kung exercises. Shaolin tong bi quan shares with them the postures of single whip, tui shou push hand, cloud peak overhead, and more.

Its function is to accumulate the inner strength to support the activities of the physical body. Many masters have started practicing at more than 50 years of age. Heres a way to introduce your child to the basic movements of the popular style of chinese martial arts known as shao lin kung fu tong zi gong. Ancient animistic beliefs live on in our intimacy with tech aeon ideas. My experience in a ritual sweatlodge, shaolin nei jin qi gong. Especially created for young children, this vcd includes demonstrations by professional young kung fu artists, to help your child learn all these. Lifting the sky this pattern is also found in many other kinds of chi kung. Straight sword, spear, single edged swords qigong including hard and soft martial.

Authentic shaolin book shaolin kung fu online library. Apr 14, 2016 tong zi gong skills development we do stretching on daily basis twice a day and power stretching on weekly basis. If one person masters tong zi gong will feel like being given second childhood. At no point is there any sense of the beginners limitations, only a sense of promise ahead and the value inherent in working towards clear goals. Dream flexibility routine all topics relating to the. We allow 1 tang qi gong zi and numerous books collections from fictions to scientific research in any way. Tong zi gong literally means virgin child skills, and is. The very aspects of tong zi gong is to develop and prepare the body for later development and conditioning. One important feature of shaolin tong bi quan is its great use of the spear hand posture, in fact it is heavily emphasized. Therefore, the first document contains the shaolin history as conveyed to the author by the da mo yuan, and confirmed by. White ape tong bei it is said white ape tong bei, developed during the warring states period was originated by one bai yuan gong.

I am fully aware that tong zi gong is more of a qigong exercise than anything else, regardless i would like to have an understanding of the physical movements. Yi zhi occurs when one successfully practises qigong and qi can be directed and released through the fingers. Many products that you buy can be obtained using instruction manuals. Superb wu shu fights in the tradition of jet lis, shaolin temple. Shaolin tong zi gong buddhist yoga of warrior monks. These are called the gong in both the shaolin rou gong system and priest dong chengs tongbei quan, which would include taiji quan. Shaolin nei jing yi zhi chan is passed from one generation to another in secrecy to only one disciple.

Bai yuan gongs surname was bai, with the personal name shi kou, literary name yi san, and taoist name dong ling zi. Tongzigong must be practiced regularly before the body has matured, for the skill to reach its highest levels. About the author a journalist, naturalist, and educator, dr. It is regarded as an internal martial art that manifests the power of the mind. Shaolin tongzigong tongil ziframe boy power or kungfu of the child, yoga is a buddhist warrior monks of shaolin. Houston songshan shaolin temple class schedule qi gong. In hard qi gong you can break an iron bar or steel board or throat withstand a spear. I have been doing a version of this form since i was 17.

The peaceful shaolin monks are reluctant to engage the ninjas in combat but are eventually forced to defend themselves. You will learn advanced traditional shaolin forms selected from the famous shaolin 18 types of weapons and 72 secret skills. Shaolin gui ding jian, dao, gun, qiang compulsory sword, sabre, staff, spear 6. The group of survivors includes women and children but this is not an obstacle for them to get the training, after they learn the. The tong zi gong is the essence of the best exercises of indian yoga, kungfu and qi gong, so it is considered the most. Authentic shaolin health care qi gong, ba duan jin and yi jin jing. Sep 2, 2014 one of the most important exercise is shaolin tong zi gong shaolin streching. With alexander rei lo, william yen, alan chung san chui, chiping chang. Shooting arrows the holding of the hands is in the onefinger zen hand form, which is a. Shaolin tong bi quan archive kung fu magazine forums. Our tong zi gong classes are taught at the houston shaolin temple just after elementary and middle school lets out. This class is offered only to qualified students ages 4 10 as an adjunct to the primary shaolin training. As is the norm there is no teacher or this art available to me, and so i search out a good book or video on the subject.

The tongzigong is the essence of the best exercises of indian yoga, kungfu and. Read online now 1 tang qi gong zi ebook pdf at our library. It is very rare to find masters, however, this is one of the basics that is learned at the shaolin temple, and is learned very early. Nei jin means the energy that exists inside the body.

The tongzigong is the essence of the best exercises of indian yoga, kungfu and qigong, so it is considered the most mystical. The movements allow you to fluidly change direction at any point without hesitation, as you move either circularly along a straight line or straight along a circular line. In japaneseoccupied china, a group of ruthless ninjas schemes to take control of a shaolin temple and all of its riches by any means necessary. In the opinion of the author, history defines the future. Our curriculums are a proven method of combining zen buddhism, shaolin kung fu, and tai chi to create spiritual warriors, not tournament thugs. Fenton is the author of a number of articles and books including message from earth. Shaolin qigong,rouquan, tongzigong exhibition on vimeo.

The tongzigong is the essence of the best exercises of indian yoga, kungfu and qigong, so it is considered the most. Simultaneously my left hand, from outside the enemys left wrist, turns over to hook and. Shaolin collection 1 one of the most important aspects is history. Ancient healing in the modern world, the wisdom of tai chi. Master shi yong yao is a 33rd generation shaolin temple grand master monk. Therefore, students are encouraged to practice qi gonginternal training in order to. Shaolin nei jing yi zhi chan qi gong was developed a thousand years ago by generations of shaolin monks. He was previously the head coach and grand master at shaolin temple of qi gong and kung fu. But, it also features movements found in the taizu chang quan set and the shaolin apemonkey quan set. Qi gong life energy cultivation is an important part of shaolin kung fu. There are more videos with other shaolin monks etc. After the massacre of a small village a group of survivors lead by one of man called ah tien is trained by a mysterious monk in the deadly arts of the shaolin chastity kung fu. The modern legacy of medicine buddha, and close encounters of the. With haoyi liu, alexander rei lo, chiping chang, shun chien.

In shaolin chuan kung fu the monks practice qi gong from the very first stage starting with soft chi gong like ba dua jing or yi yin ying and other types coming from tong zi gong. External qigong is mainly used in martial arts, the zong qi, qi yun body, essence. Dvd, and also as a recovery piece on the white crane hard and soft qigong dvd. Even today white ape tong bei s progeny respect bai yuan gong as the original founder. Only his tong zi gong can overwhelm prince fus light kicking in this struggle for consummate power.

Training methods of 72 arts of shaolin tanjin, 1934 lam sai wing. Salvatore canzonieri comparison chart showing evolution. Southern shaolin hung gar kung fu classics series hong kong, 1957 jin yi ming. The original roots of luohan style date back to the early eras of shaolin temple. When attending class for the first time please arrive at least 30 minutes early that will allow us time to instruct on some of the finer points of the class not included. Shaolin tongzi gong is one of the fundamental forms that is taught at the shaolin temple, and students begin this form from a very early age. Tong zi gong is meant for prepubescent individuals. Shaolin gong fu, white crane gong fu and white crane hard and soft chi. Shifu david doyle has been studying intensely under the masters guidance for many years and came to the teaching with 40 years of practice in the energy arts. Please read up on the following practice notes this is key practice and posture information for all who are practicing shaolin master qi gong. He has also organised regional chi kung courses for sifu and is the driving force behind the very successful uk shaolin summer camps, cofounder of the all nations gathering and chief instructor of the shaolin wahnam institute uk with 11 certified instructors. Shaolin kung fu qigong, shaolin qi gong is internal, external two. Luohan style is the oldest and the representative style of shaolin kung fu.

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