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Caution may be habit forming do not operate heavy machinery while under the influence of this tract 1985 by the subgenius foundation dobbsapproved. The subgenius wikia clench needs freaks and weirdos like you. Ivan stang the book of the subgenius free ebook download as pdf file. Bob dobbs is the figurehead of the church of the subgenius. Devo shows interest in the church of the subgenius and r. Bob dobbs compiled and edited by the reverend kareem du gristle of the church of the subgenius, santa cruz 25 hour clench time control. Then you are one of the chosen and thats why this pamphlet has accidentally fallen into your web browser. The subgenius wikia clench was formed by an imaginary number of subgenii led by general public, to carry out the cynisacreligious prophecy crusade of subgenius wiki ministry and spread the sacred word of the living slack master to people who like to look at. The church of the subgenius is the panreligion of the future, and rebels against the nambypamby, goody twoshoes new age and aquarian ideals of most occult weirdos. A print copy comes with subgenius membership or can be bought cheap, or you could try. Church of the subgenius pamphletthe church of the subgenius distribute freely to everyone excerpted from the book of the subgenius by j.

Church of the subgenius 2 beliefs deities the church of the subgenius ostensible beliefs defy categorization or a simple narrative, often striking outside observers as bizarre and convoluted. Subgenius audio tapes played by irwin chusic on wfmu and by blaze brown and huey on kpft houston. The messiah is a salesman, yet consumerism is a conspiracy. You can read it at in html format or in pdf format. Look to the high unpredictables of the church of the subgenius for pancultural deprogramming and resynchronization. Such people are fools, they do not curse, they have no understanding of the need for spiritual violence in this modern spaceage agogo society. The church of the subgenius was founded by ivan stang born douglas st clair smith and philo drummond born steve wilcox as the subgenius foundation.

The church of the subgenius, usually regarded as a parody religion, offers a sophisticated critique of. The document announced the impending end of the world and the possible deaths of its readers. Its title is eternal salvation or triple your money back. It criticized christian conceptions of god and new age perceptions of spirituality.

Beginning with devos interested response to a subgenius pamphlet, stang as. The church of the subgenius is a parody religion that satirizes betterknown belief systems. Church of the subgenius signs and symbols of cults. This is the original time control program that has helped thousands to fear no longer the stark fist of removal. Wiernym w kosciele subgeniuszu moze zostac kazdy, kto nie uwaza sie za. A print copy comes with subgenius membership or can be bought cheap, or you could try printing it out yourself if youre a cardcarrying. Glowne zalozenia kultu zostaly opisane w ksiazce the book of the subgenius. Ivan stang the book of the subgenius fort worth cleveland. Perfect your subliminal vision edit your memory relive your reincarnality. The church of the subgenius was founded in 1953 by j. Using subgenius secrets of bulldada and morealism you can now miraculously eliminate compulsive urges such as smoking, lethargizing, overeating, insomnia, the inability to take drugs, constipation, old age, sex and money problems, baldness, illness, the work instinct, assouliness, and painful shortage of slack. See more ideas about church of the subgenius, flying spaghetti monster and robert anton wilson. After world ware ii ended in 1945 western countries attempted to.

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